The Golden Street Corner

The home for music from the 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s, and beyond.

What we call oldies, moldy oldies, formaldehyde oldies, mummified oldies, and primal oldies.

Music seldom heard until
The Golden Street Corner,
Internet radio's Rhythm Time Machine


The Golden Street Corner
is run by people older than last year's Mercedes and a bit younger than dust. With memories as sharp as an elephant's, they have dedicated their lives to the propagation and perpetuation of what are commonly called "oldies." They are now ready to share the fruits of their efforts with the world, a world that does not yet know they exist, but not for long...

Seriously, though, TGSC is the result of a recognition that there is a gap in quality and quantity between not only in what is played on contemporary radio and what is recorded, but there is a widespread lack of knowledge of the roots, the history of the music we hear today and what we will hear in the future.

Thus, although what we play can be easily categorized as "oldies", a more accurate description is "historical oldies,"  for we play oldies from a number of different genres, genres  from which the music we grew up with and currently hear, evolved.

And those genres stem from the musical rhythms of West Africa, the cotton fields of southern United States, the sugar cane fields of the Caribbean, the dusty back roads and shacks of rural United States, church choirs, the tenements and din of Chicago, the street corners and hallways of New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and many other places.

It is time for these influences and their products to be heard on one station, one place devoted to them getting the presence and circulation they once had.

In short, we musically exemplify the saying, "What goes around, comes around."

To easily put this vast musical treasure into time frames, we have our own labels that affectionately reflect the age of the recordings we play.

Oldies - recordings in the 1960s
Moldy Oldies -  recordings made in the 1950s
Formaldehyde Oldies - recordings made in the 1940s
Mummified Oldies - recordings made in the 1930s
Primal Oldies - recordings made during and berore the 1920s.
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